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The trend in plant and equipment engineering is moving towards compact cable systems. These include not only a multitude of electrical conductors for power and data, but also other components such as LWL or media tubes.
Application-specific designed fabric ribbon cables offer exciting solutions with high economic efficiency. They allow a wide variety of components to be clearly and safely integrated into a cable network that stands for performance, fast installation and high functionality.

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A smart solution

Conventional round, flat or ribbon cables, often with hybrid structures or in combination with energy guiding chains, are still used today in plant and equipment construction.
Woven cables are a technically and economically attractive alternative compared to conventional cables and complex energy guiding chains. Through the weaving process, the woven cables guarantee packing density and offer a clear allocation of the integrated components of the overall system.


Possible fields of application

TKD CONNECT woven cable

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Low weight and favourable costs

Thanks to the weaving process, customised woven cables can be produced at moderate costs. In contrast to special flat cables, where nothing works without investing in injection moulds and set-up times, there are no costly lead times in the weaving process.
The loom system only has to be adjusted precisely to the production parameters. This means that even smaller production batches - such as for small series or prototypes - can be produced without any problems.

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Performance – genau einstellbar

Thermal loads are not an issue in textile composites, as there are no direct material connections between adjacent elements. Therefore, the textile ribbon cable is convincing due to optimal heat dissipation and the transmission of high currents or reduced cross-sections at the same current intensity.
A further advantage is that the elements can move freely within the fabric against each other and are deformable over several axes.
When finetuning the textile connecting cables, parameters such as the precise selection of the weaving yarn, the individual adjustment of the fabric structure or the manufacturing process are of great importance. In addition, warp threads can be used to provide additional strain relief for the individual single cores.


Our alternative for you


Individual construction


Little space required and low weight


long life span


high mechanical strength


high alternating bending cycles


almost noiseless unwinding


More than just cables

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