Product introduction Rockerflex

2 Hardcore cable for hardcore applications Cables under the most heavy conditions have one thing in common, they have to transmit power safely, permanently and absolutely free of interruptions . Particularly in critical applications where high mechanical stress, combined with sunlight, dirt and temperature play a major role, you need components you can rely on. Standard PVC, rubber or PUR cables withstand a tensile load of max. 20 kg - ROCKERFLEX® e.g. 3x1,5 mm 2 withstands up to 1,350 kg*. *with appropriate fixing Technical features  Extreme resistant to mechanical stress  Highest abrasion and cut resistance  Vibration and shock resistant  Super flexible , even at very low temperatures  Extremely tear-resistant  High elasticity  Low weight  Resistant to fresh, sea and process water  Largely resistant to oils, greases and fuels  Microbe and rot-resistant  Largely resistant to solvents, acids and bases  Hydrolysis-resistant, halogen-free, weather-resistant