SafetyBUS 100 - 120 Ω UL/CSA


As fieldbus cables for SafetyBUS systems for fixed installation & flexible applications, in the field of factory automation. SafetyBUS is a safe, open fieldbus system, which is optimized for the transmission of data relating to machine safety: timing and content consistency of the data have the highest priority here.  

Special Features

  • largely resistant to grease, coolant fluids and lubricants
  • oil-resistant: acc.to DIN EN 60811-2-1 (only mineral oil)
  • EMC compliant shielding
  • max. cable lengths for a bus segment at stated transmission rate:
             50 kbit/s-max.1,0km | 125 kbit/s-max.500m | 250 kbit/s-max.250 m |


  • conform to RoHS
  • conform to 2014/35/EU-Guideline ("Low-Voltage Directive") CE
  • LABS-/silicone-free (during production)
  • FC-Type = 'fast-connect' construction

Structure & Specifications

conductor material bare copper strand
conductor class 19-wired
core material foamed polyolefin
core identification white, brown, green
stranding cores stranded in layers
shield copper braid tinned
inner sheath material PVC
outer sheath PVC
sheath colour yellow RAL 1003 (YE)
outer diameter 8,0 mm
rated voltage 250 V (not for high voltage purposes)
testing voltage 1,5 kV
resistance_loop max. 26,0 Ω / km
capacity nom. 45nF/km
surge_impedance 100 - 120 Ω
min. bending radius fixed 8 x d
min. bending radius moved 10 x d
operat. temp. fixed min/max -40 °C / +80 °C
operat. temp. moved min/max -10 °C / +70 °C
burning behavior flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1-2, Cable Flame Test (UL 2556)
approbation UL/CSA - cURus 300 V, 80 °C
cu_number 50,0 kg/km
weight 87,0 kg/km

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