02.09.04 J-H(St)H Bd


Installation cable with electrostatic shield in fire vulnerable areas with high concentration of people and property value. For telecommunication and IT-systems for lossless data and signal transmission. Suitable for fixed laying in dry and humid rooms, on-wall and in-wall, outdoor use, no laying underground.

Special Features

  • shielded by plastic-clad aluminium foil
  • pairs stranded in bundles (Bd)
  • free from lacquer damaging substances and silicone (during production)
  • also available:
    J-H(St)H Bd BMK n x 2 x 0,8 mm as fire alarm cable with red outer sheath


  • conform to RoHS
  • conform to 2006/95/EC-Guideline CE
  • installation cables are not designed for high voltage purposes and are not suitable for laying underground
  • We are pleased to produce special versions, other dimensions, core and jacket colours on request.

Structure & Specifications

conductor material copper conductor blank
conductor class conductor-Ø 0,6 mm (0,28 mm²), conductor-Ø 0,8 mm (0,50 mm²)
core material halogen-free polymer compound
core identification acc. to DIN VDE 0815 different colours
stranding cores stranded to star-quads
shield plastic-clad aluminium foil with drain wire
outer sheath halogen-free flame-retardant polymer compound
sheath colour grey (fire alarm cable: red)
rated voltage 300 V
testing voltage 800 V
resistance_conductor loop: 0,6 max. 130 Ω / km ; 0,8 max 73,2 Ω / km
resistance_isolation min. 100 MΩ x km
current carrying capacity acc. to DIN VDE, s. Techn. Guidelines
capacity max. 120 nF/km
min. bending radius fixed 7,5 x d
min. bending radius moved 10 x d
operat. temp. fixed min/max -30 °C / +70 °C
operat. temp. moved min/max - 5 °C / +50 °C
halogen_free halogen-free
burning behavior flame-retardant acc. to DIN EN 50266-2-4, VDE 0472 and IEC 60332-3 CAT C smoke tightness low smoke emission; corrodibility acc. to VDE 0472 part 813 and IEC 60754-1
standard acc. to DIN VDE 0815

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