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Well-established classics now with UL/CSA approval?
Our motor connection cables for drive systems with frequency converter
technology (VFD), for fixed installation and flexible applications.
Now new with UL/CSA approval

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Flexible, increased oil resistance – abrasion-resistant connecting & control cable with special YPUR sheath for increased requirements

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EMC cables revised

The new 2XSL (St) power, control, connection and connecting cables are more powerful and at the same time more energy-efficient than their 2YSL (St) predecessor models and, as usual, are available in standardised (UV-radiation and cold-resistant) and halogen-free versions (FRNC/highly flame-retardant).

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KAWEFLEX® series

We have completely revised our KAWEFLEX® control and data cables for use in energy supply and drag chain systems and brought them to a common denominator.

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New 2-Norm 1kV series

The control cables of the "New 2-NORM 1kV" series can be laid parallel to other cables with up to 1,000 V operating voltage and thus create considerable space savings - especially on the American market. Thanks to the high level of certification, no second cable routing is required.

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TKD introduces new connection cable H07RN-F PREMIUM

Like the H07ZZZ-F, the new cable is halogen-free and flame-retardant. It is also ideally suited for continuous use in water - parallel to the H07BB-F and H07RN8-F. The robust cable allows a maximum operating temperature of up to 90° C and is cold-resistant up to -50° C (fixed installation).

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