Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an important tool for TKD with the main emphasis covering the following areas:


  • People: The social aspect of entrepreneurial business is very important to us and we focus on creating a healthy and inspiring working environment based on respecting every single employee.


  • Planet: We pay particular attention to the implications of entrepreneurial business on living conditions, like the climate and environment.The careful handling of resources is self-evident to us.


  • Profit: The requirement for the contingency of a company is a positive earning power. We combine measures in customer relations, cost reduction and procurement plans, which offer us synergies. 


  • Positioning: Maintaining our good reputation is in the foreground. That is why our innovations are aligned increasingly to follow the trend with reference to sustainability. Operating the Customer—Value-Performance-Programme allows us to gather important information about our current position with our customers. The ongoing dialogue with our customers motivates us to continuously improve our products and customer service.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is firmly established within TKD . Corporate Social Responsibility is incorporated in the creation of our business plans and will be further extended next year.

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