Cold-resistant PVC machine control cables



The new cold-flexible machine control cables can be used without any problems in extreme minus temperatures.

The newly developed PVC-compound enables our cables and wires to withstand temperatures down to -60°C without any problems. They are therefore perfectly suited for use in arctic regions, plant & machine construction, heating & air conditioning technology and cold stores.

All cables of the ÖPVC ARCTIC +UV -60°C Black series are stranded in layers and therefore compact and space-saving. In addition, they reduce the installation effort, because until now cables and wires had to be preheated for installations in the minus degree range to ensure an undamaged sheath. Our PVC compound of the ARCTIC series remains flexible at low temperatures down to -40°C and in fixed installations down to -60°C.

‘’In contrast to classic PVC mixtures, the material of our special PVC compound does not burst even at the lowest of freezing temperatures, ensuring safety during installation and operation. The cable also has a favorable price/performance ratio.  This is due, among other things, to the composition of the new ARCTIC compounds and ‘’on top’’ to the faster commissioning due to reduced installation work’’. - Sven Seibert - Product Manager

The new cables are available - in various dimensions from 2 to 34 cores and cross sections from 0.5 mm² to 70mm² - as stock products. However, if this should not be enough for you, other dimensions are of course available as a production product on request.


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