EMC cables revised


EMC cables revised

The new 2XSL (St) power, control, connection and connecting cables are more powerful and at the same time more energy-efficient than their 2YSL (St) predecessor models and, as usual, are available in standardised (UV-radiation and cold-resistant) and halogen-free versions (FRNC/highly flame-retardant).

EMC cables in TRAY-DB design are now also available for users who wish to implement direct burial. These highly oil resistant and in accordance with IEC 60332-3-24 Cat. C highly flame-retardant cables have been approved by UL/CSA as NFPA 79 and NEC 336.10 (7) compliant and thus also meet the requirements applicable in the USA and Canada.

Thanks to core insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE - conductor temperature +90° C), the new generation of double-shielded EMC connection cables have a higher current carrying capacity and a lower power dissipation than their predecessor models. They enable a greater power transmission with identical conductor cross-sections. Since this transmission also results in lower losses, the energy efficiency of the application as a whole is increased. On the other hand, larger cable lengths can be realized between motor and frequency inverter in the future.

The new EMC cables permit conductor temperatures of up to 90°C in normal operation and are highly resistant to acids, alkalis and oils. They are suitable for fixed installation as well as for flexible applications with partly free movement (in mobile application scenarios, however, tensile stress or forced guidance should be avoided). All cable types allow installation in dry, damp and wet rooms as well as outdoors. The black outer jacket is UV-resistant and cold flexible up to 15 degrees Celsius. Underground installation is only possible for cables in TRAY-DB version. For applications with special requirements, we can also produce modified cable versions and special designs on request.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Conductor temperatures up to 90°C
  • Transmission of higher powers with identical conductor cross-section
  • Selection of smaller cross-sections possible depending on installation type & application
  • Higher energy efficiency due to lower power dissipation
  • Longer cable lengths between motor and frequency inverter
  • Optimized, EMC-compliant shielding
  • interference-free operation of frequency inverters due to double shielding
  • improved processing
  • UV radiation resistant and cold flexible up to -15°C (K-version with black outer jacket)
  • UL/CSA approved, NFPA 79 and NEC 336.10 (7) compliant (TRAY-DB version)
  • equally suitable for fixed installation and flexible applications
  • Modified versions (e. g. for 120 °C max. conductor temperature) and special designs possible
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